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Wellness Journals
Wellness Journals
Wellness Journals
Wellness Journals
Wellness Journals

Wellness Journals

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These spectacular books, written by Perth life coach extraordinaire Alisa Pettit, are sure to change the way you see, approach and interact with the world, others and your own inner self. We highly recommend these journals/work books!

As part of our #findfifteen series, this journal allows easy access to a positive tool to help you ditch unhealthy habits. 

  • Grateful Daily - This journal helps create a daily practice of positivity by appreciating what you have now and focusing on what you want to come.  
  • Mind Set Reset - Improve and increase productivity, focus and self awareness through reflections. Sculpt a successful you!
  • Move Your Mood - Welcome to your emotional bible! It helps to you to understand and manage your emotions to express them in a positive way. 
  • The Art of Positive Thinking - Create a positive mindset by changing your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. Understand your thinking patterns to create a positive future and to take back control of your mindset. 
  • Love Thy Self -  This workbook is all about building your self love! Explore self worth, confidence, self esteem, self compassion and self love techniques.
  • One Plus One - This workbook is all about emotional intelligence for relationships; partner, your family or your workmates. Meaning the more you understand you and your partner, the more you can create the relationship you want. Learn how to take control of your emotions, build your confidence and communicate effectively. 

 Put in your handbag and take out anywhere. We recommend journalling everyday, anytime.