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Behold, the easiest leafy friend you will ever have to care for.
In fact, terrariums require basically none. Planted in Bridgetown, WA - these stylish terrariums make the perfect gift or addition to a greener living space. 

Whilst our terrariums come standard, we'll select the nicest available plant when you purchase. 

Terrariums work like a mini ecosystem - you never need to open or water them. If, however, the lid is left off for a period of time you may need to moisten the soil with a spray bottle or pipette. You can observe the moisture levels of the soil through the glass.

Let your terrarium grow wild or kindly trim dead leaves for a neater look.

Collection from our Carousel store only. Unfortunately, plants can't be posted. 

Small: 8.3cm (Dia.) x 17.1cm (H)
20cm tall x 10cm wide